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 We have delivered numerous power manipulators and shielding devices to high-dose rate areas in research reactor facilities and to nuclear fuel reprocessing plants. We have an abundant track record of equipment to clean clothes that were used in controlled areas for light water reactors and fast-breeder reactor and of the radiation-proof cameras that are used for fuel replacement for light water reactors.

WAC Filter Banner

-WAC Filter Filter for local ventilation at NPP


 e-Energy is currently the only company that imports the nuclear fuel that AREVA CERCA manufactures for Japanese research reactors. We must obey many regulations and rules to import nuclear fuel into Japan safely, so we must make special arrangements for nuclear fuel transportation. We always successfully manage and deliver the fuels to customers safely due to our special knowledge and experience in delivery.

 Stainless or zirconium tubes comprise another line of our product range. We are also planning to export Japanese nuclear materials to overseas nuclear reactor projects.


 Since a tsunami assaulted the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the local demand for equipment to recover from the disaster and to increase safety measures has been steadily increasing. We skillfully imported and delivered radiation shielding products to the site soon after the accident, and through handling equipment for efficient and secure decontamination and related equipment, we have adapted to the local demand for accident recovery and prevention equipment.

 In addition, we delivered a dismantled robot of Cybernex from France to a decommissioning project in Tokai, Japan. This project is presently using the robot to dismantle a SRU (steam generator) at the Tokai Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.


 We deliver safety ratchet puller and wire grip that are used by many companies in power, railway and telecommunication field all over the world.


-NAGAKI SEIKI High-Quality Electrical Tools


 Our business is to focus not only on Japanese businesses but also on businesses overseas. For example, we trade equipment and materials via shore trades with Sojitz and with the rest of our overseas network. We have developed many business relations with companies in France and China, especially through Sojitz Paris and our Beijing office.


 We have a wide range of customers in Japan’s atomic energy industry. All Japanese utility companies with nuclear reactors are our good customers, including Japan Nuclear Fuel, who runs a reprocessing plant; three Japanese large heavy electric equipment manufacturers; all Japanese nuclear fuel companies; and Japan Atomic Energy Agency.
 In addition to our nuclear business, we also deliver test equipment to tubing companies and a variety of equipment to other industries.
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